Customized Edge Al solutions forTelemedicine and Remote Fitness 


Y. Raymond Fu, PhD 


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

ABOUT Ainnovation:

Alnnovation uses patented deep learning model compression techniques to port these once costly Al algorithms into customized lightweight processes that can be run in real time on simple devices without reducing algorithm accuracy. Alnnovation has been enabling complex computer vision and machine learning programs to run on a variety of platforms constrained by limited hardware, brining cutting-edge innovation to telemedicine and in-home fitness markets and beyond than ever before.


Artificial intelligence using deep neural networks has been very powerful and promising for modern industrial applications. However, these neural networks are complex models and tend to run on dedicated large computing power and memories, which may restrict applications from a variety of platforms constrained by limited hardware. The cloud centric solutions hardly access to computing power with guaranteed real-time performance, which encounters challenges with interrupted, slow or non-working wireless connections. Moreover, personal data integrity has been a critical concern. Decentralization of computing is the future.

AInnovation using deep neural nets and patented model compression techniques to port these once costly AI algorithms into customized light-weight processes that can be running in realtime on simple devices without reducing algorithm performance. An early niche application has been developed for mobile human-AI interaction, e.g. real-time human body tracking and motion capturing. By developing customized light-weight AI algorithms, artificial intelligence through AInnovation framework can be used in a broader array of applications, bringing cutting-edge innovation to more fields than ever before.


Y. Raymond Fu, PhD
Professor Fu is a world-known AI expert, and successful serial entrepreneur. He was Founder and CEO of Giaran which invents novel AI technology for digital cosmetics and personalized beauty through virtual reality. Giaran was acquired by the leading global cosmetics company Shiseido in 2017. It was the first M&A of AI based virtual technologies in the global cosmetics and beauty market. Dr. Fu was also co-Founder and CTO and Chief Scientist of Tvision Insights since 2015, a rising star company applying novel computer vision technology to media measurement industry, which raised in total $40million after series B. The current team also consists of 4 research scientist and software engineers, 5 marketing research associates, and a UI/UX designer.

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