The investment committee will review and select the most promising technologies and ventures.

Applicants who have passed the initial screening will be invited to an online in-person presentation with the investment committee advisory board and university stakeholders. This meeting will provide opportunities to see if we’d be a good fit.

All applications will be reviewed by the investment committee.

The evaluation process will focus on four main categories:


We will first determine if your research or venture is feasible, your technology is unique, and it has the opportunity to have a positive impact on society.


We will determine if there are paths to commercializing your research or venture and identify any market opportunities.


    We will analyze market forces and dynamics that may act upon your commercialized research or venture.


    We will look at whether or not your research or venture is operationally scalable and are backed by an energetic and capable team.

    For guidance on what to include in your slide deck, visit the requirements page.

    Questions about the evaluation process??