Kaushik Chowdhury, Ph.D | Co-founder, President
Yousof Naderi, Ph.D | Co-founder, CEO

ABOUT DeepCharge


The world runs on wireless devices: cell phones, laptops, tablets are everywhere. Being connected on the go is practically as natural as breathing. Unfortunately, wireless devices do not run endlessly. Batteries must be charged, which means wireless devices must be constrained by some wire eventually. There are some options for wireless charging, but many of these devices are limited to a single device or are specific to a single type of device, thus providing little advantage over wired chargers. Using advances in device detection and wireless transmissions, DeepCharge has developed novel technology that puts wireless charging above all other competition. Using advanced multi-hop transmitters and smart AI software, DeepCharge can turn entire surfaces into charging stations capable of supporting multiple devices with different hardware, providing simple and seamless charging without the wires. With DeepCharge, charging a smartphone is as simple as putting it on the table.