Allowable Expenditures are defined as the following:

Faculty, postdoctoral researcher, and Ph.D. student salaries; materials, supplies, travel expenses excluding conference attendance, and equipment necessary for the performance of the research in the Application provided that equipment costs do not exceed two- thousand dollars ($2,000.00); costs related to vertebrate animal care and research included in the Application; and external consultant or advisor costs approved by the Spark Fund.

    Unallowable Expenditures are defined as the following:

    Overhead or indirect costs; tuition; visa fees; scholarships; sabbatical leave; salary for staff, visiting faculty, or a visiting researcher; conference attendance and travel; patent expenses; entertainment; equipment in excess of two-thousand dollars ($2,000.00); sales, marketing, or other business development; and debts, fines, or penalties.

    Questions about budget guidelines?